"My Three Shrinks Podcast" (by Shrink Rap)

Whose legs are whose? 

My Three Shrinks is a podcast by three psychiatrists, each with a different perspective.
Dinah is a private practice psychiatrist who does psychotherapy.
ClinkShrink is a forensic psychiatrist who practices in a correctional setting.
Roy is a consultation-liaison psychiatrist who practices in a general hospital doing consults on medically-admitted patients and also in the emergency department.

The podcast comes out as often as we can do them, which is usually somewhere between weekly and monthly. We do try to have specific topics, but are pretty free-wheeling, even rambling, as we discuss topics related to psychiatry, medicine, health care, practice issues, ethics, weather, bad hair, ducks, etc. We tend to be on the sarcastic and humorous side, and we spout bad puns for sport. If you are looking for something very serious, try the green journal's podcast, instead.


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(Note: we cannot answer specific questions about your personal health problems or treatment.  That's what your doctor's for! 

He won't bite... ask him/her!  Also, don't expect us to write you back; the questions we decide to reply to will get responded to in a blog post or on the podcast,

so keep checking back.  By sending us email, you give us the right to broadcast to the world all information you sent us, so don't get too specific. 

If you don't want it out there, don't send it.)

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50: More About Geeks

Mar 07

Dr. Pat Barta of the Adventures in Telepsychiatry blog joins us again to continue our conversation about technology in psychiatry. We talk about electronic health information systems, patient health records, electronic prescribing and who has a right to our health information. Roy brings us up to date on proposed health care record standards. Dinah talks about psychiatric emergencies and what should be considered an emergency. Finally, we touch on the issue of medical marijuana.

49: Pixelated Psychiatrists: Telepsychiatry with Dr. Pat Barta

Mar 07

Pixelated psychiatrists: telepsychiatry, telemedicine and a bit about the new dog.

48: Grand Rounds: The iPhone 3G Edition

Jun 24

GRAND ROUNDS edition w/Apple iPhone 3G theme, with our amazing Clicky iPhone (you cannot resist pushing OUR buttons).

47: Genital Retraction Syndrome

Nov 26

The book “Mad, Bad and Sad”; cholesterol and depression, and genital retraction syndrome.

46: Fugetaboutit!

Jun 1

PTSD; got trauma?; cortisol for PTSD (Aerni 2004); erasing memories in mousie PTSD (Cai 2006); Flomax; Dead Like Me.

45: Guest Ray DePaulo on Treatment-Resistant Depression

Apr 13

Guest Dr. Raymond DePaulo from Hopkins again; treatment-resistant depression; alternative treatments; drugs in the drinking water; words we hate; favorite quotes; books.

44: Guest J. Raymond DePaulo, MD

Mar 30

Guest Dr J Raymond DePaulo, Chair of Psychiatry at Johns Hopkins joins us; ethics of giving drugs to improve cognition; diagnosis in psychiatry; what is ADHD, really?; prison health care; loss of serendipity in psychopharmacology.

43: How Doctors Think

Mar 18

Our book; electronic time-outs; reading humanities; female sociopaths; ADHD brain maturation; labels; email us about the writing style in our book at mythreeshrinksATgmailDOTcom.

42: The Benzo Wars (or, Xanax Reloaded)

Feb 16

The shrinks duke it out about Benzodiazepines; how Xanax works; GABA and glutamate; dependence and addiction; tapering; when to avoid.

41: Chris Kraft on Conversion Therapy

Jan 27

Guest Chris Kraft PhD on conversion therapy for gays and lesbians; iTunes review on professional isolation; Savage Love; how drugs get their names; Well's Tara Parker-Pope.

40: Happy New Year!

Jan 1

Happy New Year! Leopard problems; resolutions; 2007 Top 25 Posts; 28-inch monitor; drug interactions; Braverman; SAD; iTunes. (note: #39 is forthcoming)

38: New & Improved

Nov 11

Our first podcast with the new sound equipment... let us know how we sound (mythreeshrinksATgmailDOTcom). Neuroimaging and the Law; AAPL; delirium; chocolate; online CBT; telepsychiatry.

37: Poop-Out

Dec 9

(This is the last lo-fi podcast... we promise.) SSRI poop-out or tachyphylaxis; placebo response; Google ads; Aida.

36a: MTS on Dr Anonymous' BlogTalkRadio

Oct 24

Three psychiatrists converge on Dr Anonymous on his call-in show on Blog Talk Radio (blogtalkradio.com/doctoranonymous). We talk about fear and Halloween.

36: Just Do It

Oct 8

Clink's 25th Anniversary; restoring competence to stand trial; response to NYT Ethicist Randy Cohen about using Adderall for an academic edge; Dinah tries to get antidepressant prices for Medicaid drugs. Next: Poop-out.

35: Shrinks on Film

Oct 5

Guest Mark Komrad MD talks about portrayal of psychiatrists in the movies; 3 psychiatrist archetypes: Drs Dippy, Darling, and Dangerous; psychiatrists and religion; Leona Helmsley's $12M dog.

34: Guest Mark Komrad, MD

Sep 26

Guest Psychiatrist Mark Komrad MD discusses portrayal of psychiatrists in film; prison tattoo database; med student questions; NAMI.

33: Inane Banter

Sep 16

Q&A; turning off shrink think; American Visionary Art Museum (AVAM); medicating incompetent defendants; Earley's book on criminalization of mentall ill; Dinah reads her email.

32: Doctor Anonymous on Depression Overdiagnosis

Sep 2

Guest blogger Doctor Anonymous; overdiagnosis of depression; BMJ articles. [Doctor Anonymous' Blog]

31: Biteproof Gloves

Aug 20

Q&A from Midwife With a Knife about managing an agitated, psychotic patient in the office.

30: Parity Feels Like a Bird

Aug 17

Insurance parity; mind-body dualism; Pink Floyd's Barrett; 3 AJP articles on suicide by Simon; Posner; and Gibbons. (See Show Notes for graphs and tables.)

29: Suicidal Breast Implants

Jul 22

Ambien-induced sleep-eating; breast implants and increased suicides; psychotherapy angst; archetypewriting; hircine; long-term antidepressant use.

28: Can You Hear me Now?

Jul 9

Panetti-competence to be executed; therapist disclosure; female interns; physician stress and burnout; iPhone apathy; MTS iTunes contest; prison sex change; Pristiq.

27: Shrinks on the Take

Jul 1

Dr A.; docs getting pharma dough; zyprexa lawsuit; yakkity yak (don't talk back); Q&A

26: Black Box Reloaded

Jun 24

side effects of psychotherapy; depression, kids, and the FDA black box (June AJP); wellness vs illness; is inpatient psychotherapy an oxymoron?

25: Sibling Reveille

Jun 17

iPod hallucinations; Paris Hilton; sibling relationships and depression risk factors; Goldwater Rule; Sopranos.

24: Dr. Phil on Skype

Jun 10

Dr Phil plays a joke on Dinah; genetics of cocaine-induced paranoia; pt desire vs EBM; dark tourism; Dr A joins us next week; Dr Who mashup.

23: Loons, Lefse, and the Flea

Jun 3

Flea's troubles; transference; rules for bloggers; movie review; Dr Phil next week.

22: Forced Treatment

May 27

Physician-assisted executions; pharmacogenomics report; dopamine, genetics, and stressor in ADHD; outpatient commitment in PA; funniest joke; National Duckling Month.

21: Chris Kraft

May 20

Guest Speaker on Intersex Disorders, Chris Kraft PhD, head of the Johns Hopkins Sexual Behaviors Consultation Unit and the Center for Sexual Health. Also, our friend, Victor. Segways.

20: Mother Talkshoe

May 13

Mother's Day; Talkshoe; malpractice; gender identity; Medicare Part D; ethics; space; Tarasoff; child abuse reporting; Dinah's crystal ball.

19: Xanax Blues

May 7

emailing patients; asexuality; Xanax issues; Munchausen's; DID; denying care; California forensics; digital gas.

18: Grand Rounds BYOB

May 1

Bring Your Own Brains. MTS presents this week's Grand Rounds, with 50 of some of the best medical blogs in the blogosphere. Featuring the following blogs: A Chronic Dose .. An American Medic in Britain .. Anxiety, Addiction and Depression Treatments .. Clinical Cases .. Diabetes Mine .. Dr Anonymous .. Dr Marc Greenstein .. Dr Val and the Voice of Reason .. Emergiblog .. Enoch Choi .. ER Nursey .. Health Business Blog .. Health Psych .. HealthLine .. Highlight Health .. Hospital Impact .. InsureBlog .. Interested Participant .. Kevin, M.D. .. Knocking From Inside .. Liverpool Leftovers .. Midwest Med Student Meets East Coast Politics .. Monash Medical Student .. Movin' Meat .. Nurse Ratched's Place .. NY Emergency Medicine .. NY Personal Injury Lawyer .. Odysseys of George .. One Version of Things .. PixelRN .. Rachel's Wide Word of Lunacy .. Rickety Contrivances of Doing Good .. ScienceRoll .. SharpBrains .. Six Until Me .. Tales of an Emergency Room Nurse .. Tangent 90 Degrees .. Tech Medicine .. Teen Health 411 .. The Blog That Ate Manhattan .. The Differential: Medscape Med Students Blogs .. The Doctor Blogger .. The Fitness Fixer .. The Snarky Gerbil .. The Tangled Neuron .. TSCD .. Universal Health .. Vitum Medicinus .. Wandering Visitor

17: Happy Anniversary!

Apr 22

1-year blog anniversary for Shrink Rap; Virginia Tech killings; social catastrophe; this week in history (other bad events); mental health parity bills; US Anatomy Museum; 1000 medical students to enter Psychiatry residencies.

16: Encyclopedia of the Weird

Apr 17

Top 25 crimes of the 20th century; psychotherapy sessions; NHS; bipolar in kids; blog rollcall (Shiny Happy Person, The Girl with the Blue Steth, Intueri).

15: POTUS Reading

Apr 8

Treatment contracts; Dinah rants against insurance companies; mentally ill Presidents; Goldwater rule; reader poll results: Who reads Shrink Rap?

14: No April Fool

Apr 2

Pedophilia; ephebophilia; civil commitment; jail vs prison; judges defining normal behavior (The Brain on the Stand); 24; walk like a psychiatrist; humor and medicine.

13: Lost It In Space

Mar 4

Psychiatric emergencies in outer space; NASA's procedures for handling acute psychosis and suicidal behavior; not guilty by reason of brain damage; forced treatment of sexual offenders.

12: Bilingual

Feb 25

Evolutionary significance of depression; Mental Health Parity Act of 2007; blogs by Saminkie and Michelle Tempest.

11: Lovely Spam

Feb 18

FDA, antidepressants, and suicide; Zyprexa documents; schizoid personality; autism and amygdala size.

10: Be Mine

Feb 11

Valentine edition; chocolate and mood; physician suicide rate; children of psychiatrists.

9: My Three Chromosomes

Feb 4

Genetics of depression; anonymous blogs and identity; Dr A; public psychiatry; iTunes reviews; email us questions.

8: Positively Lost

Jan 30

Lost begins in 1 week; optimism; positive psychology; police interrogations and psychiatry; stalkers; Maconochie; chocolate.

7: Fireside Chat

Jan 24

First snow; worried well and well-off worried; paying for psychotherapy; health care hostage on the job; Idiocracy (the movie); national health care system.

6: Advice on Manipulating Your Psychiatrist

Jan 14

Emergency calls; phone messages; top 10 searches for 2006; OmniBrain; Beta Blogger Blues.

5: Sex, Lies, and Neuroeconomics

Jan 8

Neuroeconomics; spotting liars; fMRI as lie detector; wet cell phones; MTS' favorite podcasts.

4: Gifts

Dec 31

Informed consent and emergencies; Dr A's 6-month blogiversary; Fat Doctor on gift grief; bad gifts; Starbucks vs Dunkin' Donuts; psychology of gifts; hey foo; Hopkins' civility stand; sex offenders; Tiihonen study on antidepressants and suicide (again); Happy New Year!

3: Wii Three Bobo Dolls

Dec 24

New Snowball USB microphone; listener comments; Timothy's law; Nintendo Wii aggression; Bobo dolls; Dinah's theory on video games and violence; Wii have a problem.

2: Roots

Dec 10

Our 2nd podcast (actually, the 2nd half of the first one). Thorazine legal immunity, FDA SSRI-suicide Black Box hearing, gay marriage adoptions, gender dysphoria.

1: Podcasting Makes You Potty

Dec 3

This is our first podcast attempt. We'll be talking about a 60 Minutes show on beta-blockers to prevent PTSD and reduce traumatic memories, future cardiac risk after post-heart attack new-onset depression, and NHSBlogDoc's John Crippen's post about England's idea of requiring psychiatric evaluations for hospice and "assisted dying" patients.

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